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Yellow Sky

Enter a world of magic users, werecreatures, vampires and dragons. Come to Yellow Sky Texas. The Coalition of Magical Creatures oversees most of the magical beings on Earth. Yellow Sky Texas is a hot bed of magical activity. When that activity got out of hand they sent their best enforcer, Tal O’Duirwood, out to investigate. He helps Geraldine Beggay, a werecoyote, and her group of young mages to get the town under control. In a world full of all manor of lycanthropes, wizards, and other creatures, Tal manages to find love and acceptance.

Yellow Sky Coven:

Follow the adventures of Tal O’Duirwood, his lover Alex Carlson, and their friends as they fight to make the world safer for humans and monsters alike.

Blood Moon, Yellow Sky
Book One of Yellow Sky Coven:

Tal O’Duirwood, dragon, enjoys his quiet life of solitude in the Colorado mountains. He never realized what was missing until his gets an assignment to travel to Yellow Sky, Texas and help a witch and her students there stop a vampire invasion. Once there, he finds that things were not as he was told. The witch is actually a werecoyote, and one of her students has eyes for Tal. Can Tal help stop the vampires in time to save his blossoming love? Will his heart, so long closed off from the world be able to open to the touch of the handsome young mage?

Paperback coming soon.

Blood and Silver

In the Colorado frontier, whelping is never an easy time for werewolves, so when Bryce Crichton's alpha female, Lucille whelps, most of the pack tends to scatter except for the few needed to maintain the ranch. It's always at those inopportune times that problems arise. His prize stallion goes missing, so Bryce and ranch hand and pack member Tim take off on its trail only to find trouble with vampires that threatens to destroy their entire pack. Can Bryce defeat the vampires trying to take over his territory in time to hear his pups first howls?


Coyote’s Pack:

Young Chance Latrans lost his parents and his normal life when a werecoyote attacked them in a New Mexico camp ground. Now he must adjust to life as a werecoyote under the watchful eye of Geraldine Beggay and the Coalition of Magical Creatures while he tries to find the monster that attacked him and bring it down.

Coyote’s Pup
Book 1 of Coyote’s Pack
A Yellow Sky Young Adult adventure.

Chance Latrans was just your average teenager until, on his fifteenth birthday, while camping in the mountains of New Mexico, his family is attacked by a beast under the light of a full moon. Chance finds himself surrounded by strange people only to find out that the beast that killed his family was a werecoyote, and he has been bitten. Embarking on a journey into a nightmare world of magic and wonder, he finds himself changing in ways he could never imagine. Can he find a place for himself in this new world with creatures he’d never imagined really existed, or will it all be torn away from him by the monster that took away his normal life?

Chapter 1

Short Stories:

Into the Fire

Follow Werebear Jamie Thatcher as he goes into a forest fire to rescue people trapped at camp.


An Autumn Night Walk

A leisurely evening walk turns deadly when Tal O'duirwood senses strong magic coming from nearby. Investigating the magic, he finds an open gateway to another world. Can he get the gate closed before something devastating comes through?


Tomb of Tomes

When an ancient magical book falls into human hands, Tal O'duirwood realizes he needs to find other treasures before they suffer similar fates. The quest is wrought with dangers. Can he and his lover Alex survive the perils of the Tomb of Tomes?


The Wolf's Proposition

Druid dragon Tal O'Duirwood, has been so lost in his studies of ancient scrolls that he's forgotten about the world around him, until Will, a hunky werewolf shows up in his quiet mountain valley. Will comes with word of a gathering of magical creatures and an even more tempting offer, but before the two can do much more than talk, they must save a small town from a group of vampires. Is Tal ready for the wolf's proposal and the changes it will bring to his life?


Shadows on the Campfire

Bryce Crichton is the alpha werewolf of the Wildwinds pack out of Colorado, after almost being run down in the dusty streets of Cheyenne Wyoming by a cattle stampede, he, his partner Errol, and their pack find themselves on a cattle drive headed toward Saint Louis, Missouri. Little does he know, death stalks the men who drive the herd. The night after a strange monster kills one of his pack, a stranger, in the company of a Crow shaman appears. Can Tal O’Duirwood save the Bryce’s wolves or is the horror that stalks them too much even for the magical forces of the ancient dragon? With Lots of cowboy, Indian, werewolf and magical action, will any of them escape the “Shadows on the Campfire?”


Heartsblood Fusion

Spring is in the air in Yellow Sky, Texas. Tal O'Duirwood and Alex Carlson have decided its time for their wedding, but before they can complete the preparations, a werepuma who happens to be an international terrorist comes to town. Even with the help of the Yellow Sky Coven and their allies, can the guys stop a nuclear explosion and still walk down the isle? Continuing the story that started in "Blood Moon, Yellow Sky"


Coyote's Yule

Chance Latrans has his first Yule with the Yellow Sky crew. He wants to get Trix something special. See what happens when he accidentally gets Raven and Coyote involved in his gift giving. There are also a lot of other great Yule time stories, poetry, chants, and more in this anthology.

Yule Anthology

First Flight
Even Tal had a rebelous time in his life. Take a look back, when he fought being what he really was, before he found his dragon side. Can he overcome the forces stacked against him and be the dragon he was meant to be. This along with twenty other tales grace this anthology.

Dragons Tome

In a quaint bookstore, Tal and Alex find a mysterious book crafted by Tal's father.

An Uncommon Collection

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