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Where does the magical community turn when they have something they can’t resolve? They turn to Ethan Samuel Peters, and his tea

m of investigators. Whether it’s finding a murderer, lost children or anything in-between, E.S. Peters is the guy to call. With the help of his office manager and good right hand Tiffany, and his werewolf partner Dusty, Ethan will resolve the problem even if it means going to other dimensions to do it.

In “Perfect Love” Ethan and crew must find out who is summoning demons and killing the witches of Dallas while trying to destabilize the wercommunity all in the name of “Perfect Love”.

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When Connor Wildman opens a portal to another world in his closet, Ethan Samuel Peters is called in to find the young man. With his trusty werewolf partner, Dusty, at his side, Ethan enters the portal and finds himself in the realm of Fairie. The realm beyond the portal is in chaos due to Connor’s unauthorized visit. Ethan must fight his way through angry elves and emboldened trolls to reunite Connor with his family, while trying to stop the Fairie Queen from declaring war on Earth. Meanwhile, can Ethan’s assistant Tiffany find the person responsible for the theft of sacred objects all over Dallas? The second book in the E.S. Peters investigations series brings even more action than the first and delves deeper into an elegant cast of characters.

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Short Stories:

Short Story : “Belly of the Beast” Ethan and Dusty must do what they can to find a child stolen from her bed even if it means entering the belly of the beast.

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When someone is stealing from the magical community, the call goes out to the E.S. Peters agency to find the thief. Tiffany enlist the aid of witch spirit Magee Reyes to track down the villain and get the goods back.

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