Autumn’s Harvest

Autumn is here and I am so happy. Living in the mountains of Colorado makes fall even more spectacular. I always welcome the coming cold season with open arms, this year even more so. We had a long hot and dangerous summer around here, with several fires interrupting our daily lives and impacting many friends and neighbors around us. Fall is bringing us much needed rains to hopefully break the drought that has gripped so much of the country. But even outside of the added relief that fall is bringing, I just enjoy it.

Here in the mountains, fall brings a riotous burst of color as the aspen trees go from their spring and summer green to their vibrant yellows, golds and reds. Even now as I write this, I can look out at the aspen at the end of the driveway that is a gorgeous flame red. When I drive into town, I can look up on the sides of Pike’s Peak and see the rivers of gold washing down them as the aspens turn and their color stands out against the normal green of the pines there.

Also in autumn, we start seeing more critters around here. The birds are migrating and an influx of hawks and falcons replace the humming birds that we have all summer. Soon the eagles will be back in a nearby canyon where they winter, giving lots of photo opportunities. The elk are coming down from the higher, cooler areas where they spend the winter. Sometimes in the mornings, you can hear them bugling in the distance and it’s not uncommon to see herds of several hundred moving through heading toward lower ground. The mule deer are gathering their herds together and the bucks are sporting their massive racks. We’ve even got moose coming through this year, I haven’t seen any yet, but it’s giving me an excuse to skimp on my writing and drive around trying to spot them. We are weary of the bears that are frantically trying to get enough to eat before going into hibernation, but they are still fun to see, just at a safe distance.

Autumn also means indoor fires. Until I lived on wood heat, I never understood why the warmth of an indoor fire felt so good. It’s a comforting smell and feel. It also gives all my clothes a perpetual campfire smell and my friends love getting hugs just to smell my clothes. And speaking of clothes, got to love flannels and heavier clothes, like the warm fire, there’s just something comforting and enjoyable about heavier clothes.

And then there’s the first snow of the year. Here it can show up anytime now. I don’t think it’s going to arrive before the aspens have finished dropping their leaves, but when it does, it creates a beautiful contrast between the white and the color. But even if it’s too late for the trees, the first snow of the year has a special cleanness and glamour all its own. It gives an energy and liveliness to everything around. The critters, both domestic and wild all seem to come alive with the first snow. My horses have a bit more spunk to them. My dogs play in it. It’s fun watching this year’s fawns frolic as the first snowflakes fall from the sky. Later in winter very few enjoy snow as much as the first snowfall in autumn.

Get out and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of autumn. Smell the wood burning fireplaces. See the colors all around you. Watch as the animals scurry about getting ready for winter. But most of all, just feel the seasons changing. Find the wonder in this glorious season. I love it, and think that others should too.

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