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The Alpha Dragon

You don’t get much more alpha than a two thousand year old half dragon. Tal O’Duirwood is just such an alpha male. In the modern world he’s an enforcer for the Coalition of Magical Creatures. He’s a no-nonsense guy who’s not afraid of racking up a body count, and at the same time he manages to keep his people safe. Over his long life, he’s spent a lot of that time alone. Although he’s had lovers from time to time, enjoying the company of everything from humans to vampires and werewolves, he never found anyone who could hold his attention until he came to Yellow Sky, Texas.

Sent there on assignment to help a witch and her coven defeat a vampire horde intent on taking over the city, Tal loses himself in Alex Carlson, a twenty something mage. For the first time in many centuries, the dragon discovers what it means to not be alone. The lighter caring side that he thought long since buried comes out as he struggles to keep his new love and their friends alive.

Tal is the best there is in an alpha male, he’s strong, courageous, sexy as all get out, while at the same time being compassionate to those closest to him. He can be dangerous when the situation calls for it, and at the same time loving when the danger is past. This dragon is someone you long for, but know you can never have as his heart belongs to Alex.

Personal statistics.

Height : Human form : five feet, ten inches

Dragon form : seven feet five inches at the shoulder, twenty feet long

Weight: Human form: one hundred seventy five pounds

Dragon form : two thousand six hundred and fifty pounds.

Wing Span: Twenty five feet two inches.

Hair color : Black

Scale color : Black, after bonding with Alex his top most neck ridge along his head is now red.

Eye Color : sapphire blue

Follow Tal’s adventure in my Yellow Sky series.


His meeting with William Sheffield “The Wolf’s Proposition

His first meeting with Alex Carlson “Blood Moon, Yellow Sky

His bonding to Alex “Hearts Blood Fusion

The story of Tal’s first flight “First Flight” is in “Here There be Dragons” from Wicked East publishing.

The tale of Tal’s birth “The Dragon’s Tome” will be appearing in “An Uncommon Collection” by Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group. Coming out November 2012

Also coming soon, “Dark Stars of Dallas” the second Yellow Sky novel.


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