Backlist Blog Hop

Before we get to the new post, I wanted to let folks know that we had no one send through a name for the new character. Since I’ve been working on a couple other books this month, I’m extending the deadline until September 15th, so go out and read “Perfect Trouble” and help me name the new supporting character that appears at the end of the short “The Lost Whelping” that is attached to “Perfect Trouble” need a name for this little one before I start writing “Perfect Aim.”

Now on to new stuff. I am taking part in another blog hop, this time its the Backlist Blog hop. There are a lot of great authors attached to this hop. Stop by and Check out what they have to offer, you might discover someone you have never read before.

Leave a comment and get in the drawing for an ebook of “Blood Moon, Yellow Sky.” It will be the perfect time to read it as we work on putting on the finishing touches to “Dark Stars of Dallas” book two of the Yellow Sky Coven series. I’ll notify the winner on Monday.