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Here’s a contest folks can get behind. For those of you who have read “Perfect Trouble,” you know that there are two shorts at the end of the book. One of those shorts takes place a short while after the story ends and the other short fills in what happened to Dusty while he was off doing his own thing in the book. Now at the end of Dusty’s story we get introduced to a new character which at that point has no name. Here’s the contest, I want a good name for the new character. He will be in the supporting cast for the next book “Perfect Aim.” If you haven’t read the book yet, that’s fine, go out and get it. I’ll keep the contest open until August 31st, since I won’t begin actually writing this one until September, due to other things I’m writing at the moment. So post up your comments and give me ideas for names. It will be fun.

Here’s the link to the E.S. Peters books.

If your the first person to suggest a name and I choose that name, you’ll get a copy of the ebook once its published later this year.


Blog Hop results

Hey folks, just want to tell everyone thanks for stopping by during the Independence Day blog hop. You guys left some great comments, and I know that myself and everyone around Colorado appreciate all the great energy everyone is pouring down on us right now.

The winner of the contest for the ebooks is Christine Eagles. Thanks for participating Christine, hope you enjoy the books.

For folks who have already bought their copies of “Perfect Trouble” Check back here next week when we will be announcing a contest that will revolve around the next book in the series “Perfect Aim.”


Sorry this post is running so late for the blog hop, the world around here has been crazy for a couple of weeks. If anyone has been watching the news, they know that here in Colorado we’ve had a series of major wildfires. So far I’ve had a couple of them impact me on different levels, but they have helped me find a topic for the 4th of July blog hop. Community.
When you stop and break down the word community, it’s an anagram of common and unity. In my mind it’s coming together for the common good. That is one of the basic principles that this country of ours was build upon. During times of great tragedy we still see it in our fellow Americans. When the going gets tough, Americans, people…humans band together to make it through the rough spots.
Two weekends ago, while at work nearly two hours from home, we got the call that we might need to evacuate due to a wildfire that had sprung up a couple miles from home. We made sure that the critters would be taken care of if the call to evacuate came before we got home. When we arrived home my father in law’s horse trailer was gone, but all the horses were still on the property. He was out helping neighbors that had to evacuate get their horses to safety. Later that evening when he’d done all he could he came home and told us about everyone else who was in the lines at the summer camps and ranches around the area helping to make sure the horses and other critters got out. Over the next week or so we noticed that places that were not in the path of that fire suddenly had new horses, cows, llamas, and other critters on their property. This fire, named the Springer fire, luckily went north and didn’t impact as many people as they were afraid it would. We were informed this past week it is out.
Last weekend, again while at work, we found out about the Waldo Canyon fire. Although this fire was further away from home, it had a much bigger impact on us and our friends and family. Again Bob, my father in law, responded to the call to help get critters out of the way of this very destructive force of nature. We know several families that were forced from their homes as the fire roared into Colorado Springs. Through talking with friends this past weekend, we found out that people we know peripherally actually lost their homes. The amazing thing through all this was watching the reports on the news and hearing from friends about how the community came together to help one another.
Over the worst time of the fire, so far…it’s not out yet and it till it is, it’s not over, there were some 36,000 people evacuated. During this time rarely were there more than 300 people in the emergency shelters. Most of the evacuees found refuge with friends and family. In a world where on a day to day basis we humans appear very self absorbed, this is touching to me. People stopping to think about others and care about others enough to open their homes to them in times of need. And the food banks and other outreach organizations are reporting record donations to help those people displaced by this dramatic display of nature’s fury.
Our country was built on the idea of community and working together for the common good. As we stop and look at how the folks here in Colorado and other parts of the country are working together to make things better in these desperate times, it is good to see that the founding idea that helped us fight for our independence from England over two hundred years ago is still alive. It gives me a hope for the future of our country, if people can just work together and continue to build upon what those founders started those many years ago. Stop looking at the ways to make yourself better, look at how to make everyone around you better. Find the power in the people and lift everyone up, wither it’s in a time of need or just every day. Those are the ideas that this great country was founded on, and those are the ideas that we have shown we can still embrace. Happy Fourth of July folks.

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