Pop Ups and High Wind

Today we had an awesome day out at the Garden Of the Gods Pow Wow for the Colorado Hawking Club. It’s always fun to go and do educational programs with the birds, Zephyr was in a great mood and that always makes things easier. We started out the day under a ezup pop up…then a big gust of wind come through and the pop up left. Luckily none of the birds were hunt, nor any of us under the popup. We moved off and spent the rest of the day in the shade of some nice big trees. I was great talking with folks about falconry and the birds. People can get really interested. Jay was awesome as usual.

After today’s popup escapade, and the one that occurred at Beltainia, I am hesitant to ever spend much time under another one. The damage to the two was almost identical.

The Great Toad Killer

Had a mixed day, found out that “Rainy Day Love Story” got rejected for the superhero romance anthology, but “First Flight” made the short list for the dragon anthology. Should find out in a couple of months if “First Flight” makes the cut or not, but it survived the first round.

Zephyr had his first hunt of his second season. After a couple of really nice cotton tail flights, he disappears, and we go looking for him to find him in the processes of eating the toad he just caught. I hate hunting on warm days…

Three Submissions tonight

Managed to get three short stories through final edit and then get them submitted. Sent out “Satyrday Night Fever” to the satyr anthology. Sent out “First Flight” to “Here there be Dragons” anthology, and sent out “Rockwall McNair” to “Conquest Through Determination” a steampunk anthology after it was rejected for the weird western anthology and the editor told me about this other anthology they are working on and she wanted me to submit it there. Hope to put up “Belly of the Beast” tomorrow in ebook. Last week got “Goddess 9 to 5″ up on both smashwords and kindle.