Busy Thursday

Well it’s been one of those nice busy days around here. Managed to get one novella submitted to the publisher, keep your fingers crossed. Got “Into the Fire” put up on smashwords and kindle, its already available on smashwords, it’s free for the first 50 downloads. Kindle is going to take a couple of days. The smashwords link is http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/82479

Getting ready for a busy day of writing tomorrow, have to finish the satyr story, then see how far I can get on finishing “Coyote’s Pup”

Back from the Retreat

Just got home from the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group 1st writer’s retreat. We all had a great time. Lots of camaraderie, a bit of writing time, new ideas,  and the clarification of some confusion points.  Also had some wonderful writing exercises. Thursday we had seminars on Poetry and Genera word counts before we did a game for curing writers block. After diner we had a marathon game of Trivial Pursuits. Friday JT gave a couple of wonderful seminars on passive voice and query letters then we had a walk in the woods to make sensory notes, another great way to break writers block. The verbal critiques after diner were great.  Saturday after some very tasty pancakes, Hank and Holly talked about point of view and marketing, then the thunderstorm and hail storm hit, a bear came through, and my tent became a swamp. Today Mel had a talk about writers mistakes, and JT talked about log lines and pitches. The drive home was relaxing. If you have the opportunity to do a writers retreat, I highly recommend them.