Into the fire is submitted

Well, it’s not been a great month for getting submissions done, so hopefully next month will be better as we kick things up a couple of notches. Managed to get “Into the Fire” a story for the “Dark Heroes” anthology edited and submitted tonight.

Contracts and stuff

I got the contract for “Operators” for the “Live and let Undead” anthology. Returned it, can’t wait to see that one in print. Hard at work on “A Flash of Silver” a short story for an anthology on Augmented Reality (AR) should have it done tonight. Also researching

Books arrived today

I received my copies of “How the West Was Wicked” today. Totally awesome seeing my name in print. Also had an great writers workshop class on dialog, and spent the evening getting my Amazon author page set up, as well as other pages to check out. Things are great tonight.