Bigfoot sales

I just got notification that “Sticks and Stones” sold to “How the West Was Wicked” by Pill Hill Press. Less than a 12 hour turn around. Totally awesome. Great way to start off the day.

Bigfoot unleashed

Well a nice cold windy day is the perfect time to get some editing done. Finished the edits on two Bigfoot short stories and sent them out to their anthologies. “Sticks and Stones” went off to the Wicked West anthology, and “Shades of Sasquatch” went to the Bigfoot horror anthology.  We’ll see how they go. Also got editing work done on Courtney’s novel, and for the writers group.

Two Submissions in one day

WOW after a couple of busy days editing, managed to get two short stories finished tonight and off to editors. The first one “Operators” went off to the anthology “Live and Let Undead” and the second one “Jewelry Jinx” went off to the anthology “Mortis Operandi” This is the second story I have sent them for this, they rejected the first one “Belly of the Beast” Now more stories to get started on, wondering if I can get a western horror done by the end of the month or just not worry about it.