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Adventures of Alchemy Pond

When the gnomes begin to push their mass produced technological wonders on the world, the forces of the Fragrance Guild must fight back. They call on the talents of the journeyman mage Alchemy Pond, who with the help of his friends Gavin and Cholla fight against the gnomish forces to keep the Elven lands free of mechanization.

When his master, Shamus the Magnificent, needs some special incense from the Fragrance Guild, Alchemy Pond finds himself dodging angry dragons and murdering gnomes. Does the Elf have enough magic in his wand to survive a fragrant quest?
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Alchemy Pond, suave and powerful elven wizard, has been sent to lush, tropical Buteamore to uncover a gnomish plot devised by the diabolical Doctor Gnome. Some very beautiful forces stand between Alchemy and his goals, using their own brand of magic against him. Faced with more monsters than he could ever have imagined, the elf struggles to find answers. Could even the sweetness of Dolcè spell trouble for the wizard? Will Alchemy’s magic be enough to save him from the maniacal Doctor Gnome?
Includes two bonus short stories. "Sword's Honor" and "Becoming Lady K"
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